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APEX Auto Spa is a unique hand-car wash and automotive customization facility dedicated to providing its clients with a thorough exterior and/or interior cleaning without harming any of the vehicle's delicate surfaces. 

APEX Auto Spa employs steam through a special process to completely clean the exterior and interior of our client's vehicles in a way that leaves them far cleaner than the typical car wash.  We have also taken great steps to make sure your car wash experience with APEX is unlike any hand-car wash experience you've had before.  With a tremendous attention to detail, APEX Auto Spa makes certain our hand-car wash process does not introduce any of the swirl marks or micro-marring of the exterior painted surfaces so often seen when using track-washes or 'other' hand-car wash facilities.

APEX Auto Spa has spared no expense when it comes to the products we use during the process of our hand-car wash experience, including the use of various 100% South Korean microfiber towels, each specific to certain areas of the vehicle, as well as high-grade detailing specific tools and products that are both purposed for hand-car washing and in the case of products used , environmentally friendly.

APEX Auto Spa, created by APEX Detail, is a company with over 20+ years of experience in hand-car washing, professional detailing and expert paint correction services.  Every method used by APEX Auto Spa has been developed, honed and implemented by APEX Detail to provide the best hand-car wash experience for both car and owner. 

We invite you to experience the APEX Auto Spa way of hand-car washing for yourself and we guarantee your car isn't clean until it's APEX clean!

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