Cars & Cannoli - 5999 Summerside Drive, Dallas, TX

Cars and Cannoli is a private and exclusive automotive networking event held by APEX Automotive Companies.  Once per month from March through November the most exotic and ultra-luxury automobiles in the DFW Metroplex gather to enjoy a morning filled with great car talk, business networking, making new friends and keeping up with old ones.

Cars & Cannoli is the original private and exclusive Saturday morning car gathering and the only only one of its kind.  Because of our unique location we are able to offer an environment completely private and conducive for exotic and ultra-luxury car owners to relax and not worry about the general public, unwanted photography and solicitation.

All professional photography and videography is done by competent individuals that are registered with APEX Events prior to the season opening, they are vetted and wear their credentials proudly throughout the show.  There is no solicitation and those companies and organizations that do participate can only do so by offering Cars & Cannoli members and their guests something interesting, memorable and of value.  Think test drives in McLaren or NSX sports cars, luxury watch manufacturers and great food.

If you've got a great exotic, ultra-luxury, race car, classic/historic/vintage or pre-war automobile worth $100k or more and want to become a member of our every growing community of die-hard automotive enthusiasts, send us an email with your information and we'll put you and your car on the list.  

Remember Cars & Cannoli is not a public event, it is a private event.  Your ticket for entry is the automobile you (and your guest(s) in the same car) arrive to the gate in.  There is absolutely no walk-in attendance, solicitation, unwanted photography or competing detail, hand-car wash, performance or event businesses permitted to attend.

Cars & Cannoli F40 & McLaren 720s Leaving
Cars & Cannoli
Cars & Cannoli