APEX Detail, located in Addison, TX, provides the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with expert paint correction services, professional auto detailing services and products, paint protection films (clear bra/PPF), advanced window tint installations, exterior windshield protection films, ceramic coatings and unique vinyl vehicle wrap services to perfect, protect and preserve℠ our clients' exotic, classic, vintage, historic, luxury and daily driven automotive investments.  Master detail technicians provide state-of-the-art and cutting-edge services that protect the value of your prized investment.  APEX Detail, fully insured, is entrusted to care for and maintain some of the world's most valuable automobiles, including a few which have won best in show at Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Hershey and Greenwich Concours d'Elegance.  Using only the highest quality products, APEX Detail has mastered the technical and scientific aspects of expert paint correction & professional detailing and is familiar with all paint processes and finishes.  Perfection is always strived for and APEX Detail guarantees your complete satisfaction.

APEX Detail is located in a gated facility on the airfield at Addison Airport, secured and alarmed with 24/7 surveillance and onsite security.  Be sure to follow our blog and connect with us on our social media pages where we continuously update our content as well as post before and after images of completed work.

We work closely with our clients to provide unique and individualized programs and levels of care.  Whether you need new car preparation services or automotive detail services tailored to the disposition of one of your automotive investments, APEX Detail is here to help.  See our automotive detailing and paint correction services, and their descriptions, below for more detailed information.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Thank you for your interest in Dallas's best automotive detailing facility, APEX Detail.  A unique spa experiance for your automotive investment.


Automotive Services

Perfect, Protect & Preserve

 ²per•fect \ pər-'fekt \ vb : to make perfect

 pro•tect \ prə-'tekt \ vb : to shield from injury

 ¹pre•serve \ pri-'zərv \ vb : to keep safe


APEX Detail offers many levels of exterior surface refinement.  From a factory-new Bugatti to a vintage Ferrari, or your daily driven machine, APEX Detail provides a variety of custom exterior services for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, such as:

  • The Pro-Wash℠ - The APEX Detail Pro-Wash, performed at the APEX Automotive Headquarters location, is an intensive, traditional and thorough hand-car wash.  Different from our APEX Auto Spa hand-car cleaning, this by appointment only service is APEX Detail's entry level service and truly represents what a traditional hand-car wash is all about.  Often times our entry level Pro-Wash, like our APEX Auto Spa hand-car cleaning,  is far superior to our competition's highest levels of service.  Book a Pro-Wash now and discover why our our hand-car wash and cleaning services are second to none.
  • Paint Decon - This service has auto spa treatment written all over it.  APEX Detail brings a new level of paint and surface decontamination to Dallas.  With a three step decontamination process added to our Pro-Wash service, the Paint Decon Service is your traditional clay process on steroids.  The smoothest painted surfaces, plastic surfaces and glass/brightwork surfaces are achieved with this level of auto detailing service.  The absolute removal of rail dust, brake dust, industrial fall-out and ferrous material from the exterior surfaces of your vehicle are taken care of with this comprehensive service.
  • Levels (I-IV) of Paint Correction - APEX Detail in Dallas, TX brings automotive compounding and automotive car polishing to new heights with our various levels of Paint Corrective Services.  From one to four steps (or more) of machine polishing with only the finest auto detailing polishes, equipment and techniques the results achieved are simply the best in Dallas, period!  These levels of auto detailing Paint Correction Services are for those interested in removing everything from micro-marring and swirl marks to medium and heavy RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) and everything in between.  Come see for yourself why a car detailed and polished by APEX Detail has more clarity, more depth and more shine than any other.
  • Wet Sanding/Color Washing & Paint Jeweling  - APEX Detail offers a Wet Sanding/Color Washing process that can truly make the surface of your car reflect light like a mirror.  If you're looking to get rid of that factor 'orange-peel' and achieve show car results, then look no further than the APEX Detail Wet Sanding/Color Washing services.  After extensive Wet Sanding/Color Washing and a grouping of various levels of Paint Correction, APEX Detail offers the best quality Paint Jeweling in Dallas.  Paint Jeweling offers the finest level of gloss and reflection your paint can achieve.  Paint Jeweling truly prepares a car's painted surfaces for a Final Step Product (FSP). 
  • Glass Treatment and Plastic Services - Here in the Dallas area of North Texas your automobiles glass and plastic surfaces can take a beating.  APEX Detail provides a high level of glass and plastic restoration and preservation services to help you achieve the best looking glass and plastic that performs well and lasts for the life of the car.  Ask us how we can tailor a glass and plastic treatment for you, one that can include everything from glass polishing to simple coatings on the glass and plastic surfaces.
  • Specialty Waxes and Professional Grade Paint Sealants - For those who desire a more traditional FSP (Final Step Product) on your car's painted surfaces, APEX Detail offers the best traditional waxes and professional grade paint sealants, bar none.  The level of slickness and glass-like shine that is achieved by our ultra high-end waxes will leave you wondering if the car is actually still wet.  The professional paint sealant employed here at APEX Detail will bead water and last for many, many months of driving use and washing.  If tradition is something you value, you need look no further than APEX Detail for a superior wax or paint sealant FSP.
  • Engine, Suspension & Undercarriage Detailing - At Apex Detail we do not forget about the parts of the car that aren't usually seen.  Our expert detailing technicians can clean, decontaminate and protect the engine, engine bay, suspension and undercarriage of your automobile.  Where others may stop, APEX Detail is just getting started,  add an engine detail, suspension detail and/or undercarriage detailing service to any of our other car detailing services and see why our clients consistently say a car detailed by  APEX Detail is in a whole other league.
  • Paint Protection Film - APEX Detail can professionally apply Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as clear bra, to a portion of the front of your automobile (partial front), the entire front of your automobile (full front) or to the entire automobile and anything inbetween.  Using a selection of different paint protection films from a very carefully selected few manufacturers, APEX Detail can guarantee the satisfaction of our installations for many years to come.  Sometimes the best way to achieve the ultimate results with paint protection film is to devise a strategic plan utilizing the best products and employing those different products exactly where they are needed.  Feel free to call us for a more robust explanation and prices for your custom clear bra service. 
  • Vinyl Vehicle Wraps - If you are looking to change the look of your automobile and truly customize it, APEX Detail has you covered.  From basic color changes (which sometimes aren't so basic) to complete custom designed and printed vinyl or vinyl stripes and accents for your car you can be sure APEX Detail will get the job done.  
  • Windshield Protection Films - Texas can be hard on your windshield.  Especially in Dallas where there is always some form or another of road construction.  APEX Detail offers unique exterior windshield protective films to help you avoid costly windshield repairs and downtime.  With guarantees of no chips or cracks with our windshield protective films on your windshield you can drive with confidence knowing you're protected.
  • Ceramic Coatings - APEX Detail offers the best ceramic/glass coating system on the market, CERAMIC PRO.  We are Dallas's best Ceramic Pro authorized sales, installation and service center.  Ceramic Coating your car at APEX Detail Dallas will give you amazing exterior protection for every exterior surface of your car.  Our Ceramic Pro packages offer various different warranties, some lifetime, and Ceramic Pro is the only coating system that is CarFax recognized and approved.  A Ceramic Pro coating by APEX Detail is sure to enhance the exterior surfaces of your automobile and is the ultimate in the protection and preservation of your paint.  Bring your car in for a complimentary consultation and find out why Ceramic Pro and APEX Detail are your only choice for auto detailing in Dallas.


From the Alcantara in your new Lamborghini to the Connolly leather hide in your classic Bentley or the cloth seats in your daily driven machine, APEX prides itself on meticulous attention to detail and offers the following interior services, right here in Dallas:

  • Basic Cabin Cleaning℠ - Our basic cabin cleaning is anything but basic.  Added to our Pro-Wash exterior service and it's an auto detailing package all its own.  Your interior has never been cleaned this nicely for such an affordable price before now.  See what our Basic Cabin Cleaning is all about the next time your interior needs some professional cleaning.
  • Steam Cleaning, Disinfecting & Ozone Odor Neutralizing - APEX Detail goes the extra mile with these services.  Combined as one inclusive service or singularly added to additional interior and exterior services our Steam Cleaning, Disinfecting and Ozone Odor Neutralizing services can get out the most stubborn of smells and make the interior of your car completely sterile and clean.  If you want the ultimate in clean without any harm to your interiors surfaces, leaving no residues or cleaning products behind, then this an interior service for you.  Ozone can remove some of the most stubborn smells, while utilizing high temperature steam in the vents can help to eliminate anything.
  • Carpet Shampoo & Cleaning - APEX Detail's Carpet Shampoo & Cleaning service will make your car's carpeting and interior fabric surfaces look brand new.  We do not use or leave behind any harmful cleaning solutions nor do we change the 'feel' of your interior's fabric surfaces, it's truly the ultimate in clean.  
  • Leather Repair, Restoration, Cleaning & Conditioning - APEX Detail can repair and restore most all leather and leatherette interior surfaces right here on the premises.  Our Leather Cleaning and Conditioning services are absolutely amazing.  Using nothing but the best cleaning and conditioning products available your true leather interior surfaces will be truly clean throughout the hides, super supple and very well protected for the future.  We can even turn old dried out and neglected leather hides into super supple soft like-new feeling leather surfaces.
  • Interior Surface Coatings - Utilizing Ceramic Pro and others APEX Detail can protect and preserve the interior brightwork, leather and other fabric surfaces of your automobile.  With specific products for fabric, leather, plastic and rubber we can add a coat of protection and preserve the look and feel of these interior surfaces for many, many years to come.
  • Carbon Fiber & Brightwork Polishing - Many times your car may have interior accents that can look scratched and swirled just like the exterior painted surfaces of your car.  Things like gloss piano black accents, carbon fiber or brightwork (chrome) can become dull and faded.  APEX Detail has many auto detailing techniques and products to reverse and remedy these issues.  Extensive knowledge of polishing these surfaces has lead to a refined group of services specifically targeting these issues and corrects them flawlessly.  
  • Automotive Window Tinting - The ultimate in window tinting in Dallas Fort Worth.  We take great care and pride in making sure your interior glass surfaces are tinted just right.  From the front to the back of the car we offer both color stabilized films at economic budget conscious prices to ceramic based films with the ultimate in heat rejection and reflection.  We have a window tint service package for you, call us now to schedule your automotive window tinting appointment.

LUXE Scheduled Services

Our clients often require services just as special as their new LaFerrari, P1 or Porsche 918 and for those who do, APEX offers the following:

  • Biweekly or Weekly Wash and Maintain℠ (Performed at our shop location) - You have a schedule to keep, but you also need to maintain the exterior surfaces of your automobile.  Whether it has been freshly detailed by APEX Detail or just off the showroom floor the way you wash you car will have a direct effect on how your car looks.  Improper washing can lead to unsightly micro-marring and swirl marks, even worse, it can also lead to RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches).  This service is performed biweekly or weekly and is a combination of our auto spa exterior Pro-Wash and interior Basic Cabin Cleaning.  This is the ultimate hand car wash and spa treatment you can give your automobile on a regular basis and the best way to ensure no harm is done to your painted exterior surfaces.
  • Detail-and-Go!℠ (Performed at our shop location) - Often times our clients are either flying out of Addison's private executive airport, Dallas Love Field or DFW airports.  This service provides you with a lift to the airport and a pick-up when you return, all the while when you're away your car is being treated to a customized auto detailing package.  Whether you're leaving town for a few days or a month, APEX Detail will pamper your automobile with the best auto detailing services in Dallas so that upon your return you car is ready and waiting...and perfectly cleaned, detailed and protected.

APEX DETAIL Headquarters

APEX Detail Serving the DALLAS, Texas Metroplex & Nationwide
Located within Addison Airport's secure airfield and six miles from Love Field in the Park Cities, APEX Detail's Headquarters serves one of the country's largest automotive markets.
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