Apex Logistics can accommodate the needs of the aficionado who values unsurpassed expertise in logistics services for their automotive investments.

Automotive Transport

With an acute attention to detail, Apex Logistics, delivers safety, speed and security to the transport business.

Short-Term & Long-Term Storage

Fully secured and discreet storage environment on the secure airfield of Addison Airport with 24/7/365 security is available.

Concierge & Events

Logistics isn't always the transporting of ones automotive investment, but rather, it encompasses a
multitude of services focused on helping you enjoy the privileged ownership experience.

Why Us

Attention To Detail

Our custom designed rig will accommodate the low ground clearance of all performance and exotic
automobiles.  Our specially designed strap-system can be customized for each vehicle, ensuring that
valuable wheels, chassis and suspension components remain safe from harm.


Our rig accommodates the entering and exiting of the vehicle naturally, preventing the need for
stepping on the finely crafted seats in your automobile or sitting upon your door sills.



When your vehicle is in our care it will be transported with complete security. We employ a 24/7,
state-of-the-art GPS tracking system.  A digital link provides continuous location tracking of your
automotive investment the entire time it is within our possession.

For Local and Medium Range Transport Service - 24/7/365


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